Jeesun Kim

Jeesun Kim

Graphics Engineer

Experienced in Computer Graphics and Vision, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. Proficient in OpenGL, C/C++, CUDA, and FFMPEG. Experienced in implementing a Graphics Renderer from scratch. Interested in Graphics/Vision algorithms and Mathematics.

Seoul, South Korea


Senior Graphics Engineer at Shakr

I am responsible for developing the OpenGL renderer from scratch communicating with Adobe After Effects.


  • Linear and Bezier keyframing
  • Video decoding and encoding acceleration with NVDEC/NVENC
  • Audio processing such as stretching, panning, and volume control
  • Common layer features including masks, layer parenting, track-matte, and motion blur
  • Text leading, tracking, kerning, caps, and faux italic
  • Text paths and animation
  • Camera viewing and Lighting
  • Any shapes rendering including rectangles and ellipses with Bezier curves
  • 3D camera viewing
  • Lighting including ambient, point, spot, and parallel
  • Running expressions written in Javascript with V8 engine
  • Over 60 effects including corner-pin, fill, audio spectrum, wave warp, light sweep, etc.
  • Layer styles; drop shadow, inner shadow, color overlay, and stroke

Associate Researcher at IntelliVIX

I was responsible for developing and maintaining projects relating to Computer Graphics and Vision.


  • Estimating the frontal/lateral face images from lateral/frontal face images
  • Auto-calibration using objects being tracked
  • Stabilization and turbulence removal in CCTV videos based on Qualcomm chip
  • Fire, water-level, and weather detection
  • Virtual camera view rendering without any graphics libraries
  • People detection from an overhead-view single-depth camera


Master in Computer Graphics from Sogang University with GPA of 3.86/4.30

Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Sogang University with GPA of 3.29/4.30


Creating Panoramic Videos from Unsynchronized Camera Arrays (Master Thesis) by Sogang University

Method of producing panoramic video having reduced discontinuity for images, Korea Patent #10-1741699 by Sogang University

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