Jeesun Kim

Jeesun Kim

Graphics & Vision Software Engineer

Jeesun hails from Seoul, South Korea. He has earned degrees from the Sogang University. He majored in computer science and engineering and received master’s degree in computer graphics. Before joining Shakr, he worked for IntelliVIX as a software developer. While the most of his works focused on computer vision theory, he is currently utilizing his major of computer graphics after joining Shakr.

Seoul, South Korea


Associate Researcher at IntelliVIX

I was in charge of developing and maintaining projects relating to computer graphics and vision.


  • Estimating the frontal face from a lateral face image
  • Estimating the lateral face from a frontal face image
  • Auto-calibration using objects being tracked
  • Stabilization and turbulence removal in a video based on Qualcomm chip
  • Fire, water-level, and weather detection
  • Virtual camera view rendering without graphics libraries
  • People detection from overhead-view single depth camera


Graphics Engineer at Shakr

I was in charge of developing the OpenGL renderer from scratch for communicating with Adobe After Effects.


  • Linear/Bezier keyframing
  • Video decoding/encoding acceleration with NVDEC/NVENC
  • Basic features of footage/text/shape layers including masks, parenting, trackmatte, and motion blur
  • Text path and animation
  • Camera viewing and Lighting
  • Expressions which are written in Javascript with V8 engine
  • Some effects: fill, gradient, drop shadow, levels, curves, tint, corner pin, Gaussian blur, fast box blur, and directional blur
  • Some layer styles: drop shadow, inner shadow, color overlay, and stroke


Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering from Sogang University with GPA of 3.29/4.30

Master in Computer Graphics from Sogang University with GPA of 3.86/4.30


Creating Panoramic Videos from Unsynchronized Camera Arrays (Master Thesis) by Sogang University

Method of producing panoramic video having reduced discontinuity for images, Korea Patent #10-1741699 by Sogang University

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